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Specific tools

Mechanical tools, test benches, nail beds

Dreamtech puts its know-how at the service of its customers, to meet their needs in terms of precision and performance. We design and manufacture complex tools and equipment, from mechanical tools to test benches.

The expertise of our engineers allows us to study and propose solutions for a wide range of tooling such as grippers, test handlers, lifting tools, frames, assembly stations, etc.

We also offer interchangeable modules.

Refocusing and clamping of plastic parts

Posage de recentrage et de bridage de pièces plastiques

We design fixtures that guarantee the correct positioning of your products. Depending on the shape and constraints of the part, we make tools that are installed on a test bench or a machine and allow different processes to be carried out, such as welding, dielectric tests or press fitting.

These tools can consist of clamping systems, compliant systems (which allow one or more degrees of freedom) and centring systems.

We carefully select the materials and components that make up these tools.

Connection LAC

LAC de connexion

This tooling allows the testing of the connectivity of a product, by means of contacts called test pins. It consists of an aluminium plate on which are mounted test point supports called nail beds, themselves mounted on springs.

We make interchangeable tools such as this one, to meet the electrical connection needs of different types of products.

Lifting system for mobile trucks

Système de levage pour chariots mobiles

This lifting table is above all an ergonomic tool, which enables heavy loads to be moved.

We offer electric or manual lifting solutions to meet your needs and prevent MSD risks for your staff.

Generic test cassette

Banc de test générique

This lifting table is above all an ergonomic tool for moving heavy loads.

We offer electric or manual lifting solutions to meet your needs and prevent the risk of MSD for your staff.

1DIN test handler

Handler de test 1DIN

This ergonomic enclosure allows simultaneous testing of several products.

The dimensions and the number of test locations can be adapted, depending on the size and the number of products to be tested.

It is also possible to provide interchangeable fixtures to be mounted on the drawers, in order to anticipate a potential evolution of the products to be tested.

Cluster Test Handler

Handler de test Cluster

This handler has been specifically designed to carry out testing and inspection operations on a product.

Depending on the customer’s needs, we can integrate vision systems, microphones, barcode readers and colorimeters.

In order to optimise all necessary measurements, the housing can be equipped with sound insulation panels and matt black painted sheets.