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Automation & robotics

Integration of automation, robots and cobots

Machine cycle programming and operator interface
Our automation design office carries out the programming and operator interface of the equipment we manufacture. From the functional analysis to commissioning on the customer’s site, the development of the control system is carried out by our teams. We also offer support to our customers during the commissioning phase. This includes training for maintenance and production staff, so that they can master the operation of our equipment.

Architecture and automation designs
Our automation specialists work with our team of mechanics to define the “automation architecture” of each piece of equipment. In order to best meet the customer’s needs, we draw up a functional analysis that characterises and defines each of the equipment’s functions.

Machine vision integration
The integration of machine vision equipment for manufacturing process control is booming. Whether in terms of quality, identification or traceability, it is now an integral part of manufacturing processes. Our teams have been trained and are now experts in the integration of these vision tools and in particular, on cognex and keyence equipment.

Integration of robots
Robots and cobots are now part of industry 4.0. Our teams are trained to program them on numerous brands such as staubli, fanuc, kuka, epson or universal robot. They are able to offer you an automation of your manufacturing processes, and to include the integration of one or more robots.

Wiring of electrical cabinets
For the sake of quality and respect for manufacturing deadlines, our electrical cabinets are designed, assembled and wired in our workshops. They are necessary for the control-command of the equipment we produce.

Creation of a graphic interface for a production machine

We develop user interfaces for our equipment, according to the needs or preferences of our customers. They are offered on industrial ihm (siemens, red lion, kep, proface) or on pc screens.

Wafer control and handling

This station is used to handle and control the quality of ceramic parts or wafers. It is equipped with a kuka robot and an elcom pallet transfer system.

Integration of Universal Robots

Here is an example of process automation. We have prepared and installed 3 Universal Robot cobots in our workshop, which allow the handling of parts between the different machines already in place at our customer’s.

Calibration and laser engraving robot

This station is equipped with a kuka robot with a ceiling mount, a cognex system and a marking laser. It calibrates the position of electronic components on the pcb’s that are handled by the robot, so that precise marking can be performed on each component.