Hydrogen applications

Our goal: to put robotics at the service of hydrogen

Today, fuel cells and electrolysers are essential components of the hydrogen ecosystem. These technologies are now mature and we are witnessing the start of their mass production. Despite this advanced stage of development, current manufacturing techniques remain basic and largely manual.

The challenge now is to automate the manufacture and assembly of these fuel cells and electrolysers. This automation of production will make it possible to reduce costs, accelerate production rates and optimise the quality of the final products.

Thanks to its expertise in the design and manufacture of special machines, DREAMTECH is the ideal partner for your process industrialisation projects. Whether it is to automate a stage of your production, to finalise your research projects thanks to a prototype machine or simply to equip you with a means of testing your components, our agility and adaptability will enable us to manufacture the machine that meets your needs.

Tailor-made solutions for your hydrogen technologies

Our core business being robotics, we wish to intervene in the manufacture of Fuel Cells and electrolysers by automating the following tasks:

–  Leak testing
–  Leak testing of system and components
–  Component assembly
–  Quality control by vision
–  Quality control by permeation
–  Dimensional inspection
–  Activation of the battery / electrolyser at the end of the assembly

Dreamtech within the Hydrogen ecosystem

Because we understand your requirements with regard to the choice of your industrial partners, we want to become experts in special machines dedicated to H2. We therefore do everything possible to train our teams in the technical requirements of this highly innovative sector.

To this end, we are members of the following groups:

You are a hydrogen player and you want to industrialise the manufacture of your products?